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First Church & Williamstown: 250 Years Together ~ on exhibit through Autumn, 2016

It is no coincidence that First Congregational Church, Williamstown, and the town itself share a birthdate. In 1750 Massachusetts General Assembly passed legislation requiring a “settled and learned pastor” in order to incorporate a town. So, no matter what the religious fervor of the town in those early days, forming a Congregational Church (this is Massachusetts) was necessary for them to claim their land. So the story of the Church is the story of the town. Come hear about the significant events in the Church’s history, which show what was happening in town along the way.

MoiraInBlueMoira Jones has been Moderator of the First Congregational Church since February 2013. In this last fall of her term as Moderator, she has been researching the Church History, and really looks forward to sharing it with you.

Tour of exhibit May 18th 6 pm

Moira Jones would like to encourage you to see this exhibit on Wednesday, May 18th, and is offering to conduct a tour of the exhibit for you on that day at 6 pm. Please mark this on your calendars, and get this personal tour from the person who put together the exhibit, before she leaves town at the end of this month. Moira looks forward to seeing you on the 18th!

If you missed this talk in November, you can see it online here:


Bruce MacDonald: The History and Renovation of the Smedley House

On Saturday, October 10th at the Milne Public Library Bruce MacDonald will talk on The History and Renovation of the Smedley House. The Smedley House is the striking 1772 house at the corner of Colonial Village currently under renovation. The house’s new owner, Bruce, will discuss the historical significance of this 18th century home, its historic construction, and current renovation (detailing how the 18th century construction gets to the 23rd century).

The lecture will even include information about Bill Flynt’s dendrochronological analysis of the beams in the home that helped pinpoint a date for initial construction. Bruce is the current owner of the Smedley House. A history buff, fan of historic architecture and experienced developer, Bruce is enthusiastic about this project and has made some amazing discoveries. He is working to preserve the historic character of the Smedley home while making it livable for homeowners in 2015 and and two centuries into the future!

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Before & After; The Story of a Small Town’s Artifacts & Their Conservation

We hope you will join us!
Saturday, October 3rd, 11 am
at the Williamstown Historical Museum
for the opening of our exhibit:
Before and After; The Story of a Small Town’s Artifacts
and Their Conservation

This exhibit was created by you and for you. Williamstown residents and friends donated the artifacts in this exhibit, voted at the 2014 Annual Town Meeting to have these artifacts conserved, and your interaction with these objects makes them meaningful. Materials donated over the years helped us build a narrative for the objects that allowed us to tell some of the stories of the people and places of our little town. You are an important part of that story. We hope you’ll come admire some of your work. The exhibit focuses on the objects that were conserved at the Williamstown Art Conservation Center using CPC funds. The Pine Cobble Seventh Graders (now eighth graders) contributed descriptive paragraphs detailing some of the objects. This exhibit couldn’t have been done without you. Thank you!

We will have delicious treats for you upon your arrival. We look forward to seeing you next Saturday!

For questions please email [email protected] or call 413.458.2160.