A Brief Introduction to Williamstown’s History

For everyone interested in learning more about Williamstown’s history the Williamstown Historical Museum is offering a new online resource – videos that introduce students to the history of Williamstown. These brief videos, created by local students, are available to watch for free on the Museum’s website and on YouTube.

The first two videos “Beginnings” and “English Settlement,” focusing on the English settlement of Williamstown in the 1750s, are online now. Other videos focusing on farming, industry, and Williamstown as a 19th century resort community will be released in the upcoming months.

Recent Mount Greylock high school graduate Malcolm Skinner, is working with the museum to create the videos using images from local collections and voiceovers from local students. The voices heard on the current videos are Izabel Harding and Mia Harding. Future videos will be narrated by other local students including Effie Skinner and Rutledge Skinner.

Do you know a student who is interested in contributing to upcoming videos?  Let us know by emailing Michael at [email protected] and we can get them started!

We invite you to view the videos by clicking on the buttons below.

A Brief Introduction to Williamstown: Beginnings

A Brief Introduction to Williamstown: English Settlement