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“the peaceful river floweth gently by. . .”

Lauren Stevens speaks about the Hoosic River on September 21st @ 11 am

A line from the Williams College anthem captures the usual state of the Hoosic: “the peaceful river floweth gently by. . .”  Tropical Storm Irene, on August 28, 2011, reminded us that the river is not always peaceful.  With climate change upon us, we forget our river at our peril.  The Hoosic River is the reason our town and others in Massachusetts, Vermont and New York are located where they are.  Indian paths, carting roads, railroad lines and trolley tracks followed the river’s level route.   Periodic flooding created the best agricultural soil.   The flow of water provided power for mills and an easy way to get rid of waste.
Lauren taught and served as Dean of Freshmen at Williams College for 18 years, founded The Advocate newspaper and the Hoosic River Watershed Association, is the author of six books – most of which are about the Berkshire area, and co-edited Williamstown: the First 250 Years for the Williamstown Historical Museum.

Lauren StevensLauren Stevens will speak about the Hoosic river on Saturday, September 21st at 11 am, in the Milne Public Library, 1095 Main Street, Williamstown, MA.


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