Letters in a Box: The Journey of a WWII Bombardier

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Letters in a Box:  The Journey of a WWII Bombardier

Letters in a Box:  The Journey of a WWII Bombardier
Saturday, May 26, 2018
The Williams Inn
1090 Main Street, Williamstown

Letters in a Box Lecture Video

At this  illustrated lecture, Sheila Stone discussed the book she compiled with her daughter, Ali Adair.  Letters in a Box is a treasure of over 150 beautifully handwritten letters and postcards written home by Shelia’s husband, Robert. L. Stone, during World War II to his family and friends.  These letters chronicle his journey from 1942 – 1945, from his enlistment through 40 combat missions as a bombardier in the South Pacific.   Bob’s story is told through his letters, postcards, V-mails, telegrams, scrapbooks, photos and first-hand memories.  The letters address his impressions of army life and what it was like to go from his home and college environment to that of the impersonal and regimented military life.  The letters expose readers to the daily grind, the disorganization and uncertainty of what happens next as the U. S. makes its serious entry into the war.  This informative lecture will provide you with insight into a bombardier’s experience during a significant time in World and US history.

Robert L. Stone

From the editors of the book:  Letters in a Box was written with love and nostalgia for a unique time in our country’s history that can never be repeated in the same way again.  It is to preserve some of the thoughts and feelings that inspired this generation to do their duty by serving their country in so many ways and how it is reflected in one family’s experiences.